Day 84- LEVEL UP: Create cleaning box

When I first introduced my weekly housework routine I struggled to fit it in and complete it every week. But since I created a printed housework task list I have had much more success. It’s easier to do the housework with a to-do list I can tick off. It gives me structure and focus and I simply commit to it until it’s finished. The only thing I still struggle with is the final task which is mopping the wood floors. Twice I have left it uncompleted. I’m considering a steam mop may solve it but that is an expense I can’t afford.

I’ve been using up cleaning products I’ve had around the house for a long time. However, now that I am having success with the housework and I’ve been establishing a routine visiting True Food, it’s time to level-up the cleaning box.

I narrowed down the minimum products I need to complete my weekly housework successfully. I need a duster, lime-scale remover, toilet cleaner, a scourer, cloths,  glass cleaner, a glass cloth and anti-bac.

I went to True Food today and bought some ethical alternatives and the picture below shows my ideal cleaning box. Everything is considerate but I have included Viakal and bleach just incase the others don’t cut it.




Day 83- NEW HABIT: The Houseplants

NEW HABIT: Check water levels everyday & water once a week.

NEW HABIT: Re-pot every 6 months, Spring & Autumn.

NEW HABIT: Feed every 2 weeks

NEW HABIT: Budget £50 every 6 months for new compost, plants and pots

I spent about £100 on houseplants and pots at Ikea a year ago to liven up my living room and inject some oxygen and nature into my environment.

I have struggled to look after them. I lost the Aloe Vera plants very quickly. And the ivy started to survive only when I put it in the kitchen. There are a couple of spikey plants that have thrived and don’t seem to mind not being watered but my large plants are suffering. They either dry out and turn brown and flag, so I water them more, and then they rot at the root, wither and die. I’ve learned that different plants need different care, so I have to get to know their individual needs. I’ve learned that too much water around the roots can rot them, so I have to be really careful how much I water them. Maybe less frequently? I think I will put a water container outside to collect rainwater to water the plants because I’ve read it’s beneficial to them.

So today I’m going to review my plants and buy new pots and re-pot them if necessary. I may find new locations for them around the house and henceforth, I will introduce the new habits which should help them thrive more.

“I will check the condition of my houseplants everyday. I will give them a proper water once a week. Every two weeks, I”l drop some feed into the water. Every six months I will re-pot them if needed. I will budget £50 every six months to fund new compost, plants and pots”

I bought a couple of new pots and plants from Ikea today and re-organised my houseplants. Unfortunately, a couple of them had to be thrown away. Here are pictures of the newly potted plants and their new locations.









Day 82- ETHICAL HAUL: Cleaning Items

Today was my third visit back to True Food and this time my focus was on the Cleaning Products I need. My weekly housework routine is really taking shape and I am even beginning to enjoy it a little bit now. I have several items I use to complete my housework routine and I want to start using more ethical and environmentally friendly products in due course.


BIO Glass Cleaner– This is for my mirrors and polished surfaces. It’s a step up from Mr Muscle.

BIO Toilet Cleaner– I really hope this cuts the mustard

BIO All Purpose Sanitiser– This is my alternative to Dettol or anti-bac. It’s for the shower tray and toilets.

BIO Bathroom Cleaner– I’m really hoping this will be my Viakal substitute.

I also bought these kitchen scourer pads. I’m planning to replace my regular sponges from the supermarket with them.

I think I’m done now with the household stuff and the next visit will start to be all about food.

Day 81- HABIT BREAK: Paypal

HABIT BREAK: Stop withdrawing my PayPal funds and let them pay for eBay purchases

I’m trying to sort my finances out because it appears I’m over-spending and my monthly debts are mounting up. I budget the best I can but the purchases I make by PayPal always take me by surprise. I keep withdrawing funds from my PayPal so if I buy anything on eBay, it takes the money from my bank account 2 weeks later when I’m not expecting it. Now I am trying to level up all my cosmetics with Liz Earle, I buy a lot of this stuff with PayPal. I figured that if I stop withdrawing my PayPal funds and leave any eBay profits alone, I can fund my Liz Earle products without it affecting my bank balance.

“I will not withdraw my PayPal funds but use them to pay for purchases instead”



Day 80- BUDGET: Haircut

NEW HABIT: Budget for a haircut every 12 weeks

Firstly, I grew out all the bleach in my hair so now I have my natural colour. Since then, I have been growing it long. It’s getting to how I want it to be but there are several inches still to go. I also want to have a nice hairstyle to go to work with. At the moment, I just leave it long and straggly which isn’t ideal for my job role.

My hairdresser comes to my house to cut my hair. I’m changing the regularity from every 10 weeks to every 12 weeks to save money. I’m also now budgeting £40 for it every 12 weeks.

“I will have my haircut every 12 weeks and budget £40 to pay for it”


“I will budget £40 towards a haircut every 12 weeks”

Day 79- NEW HABIT: Cleaning the Car

NEW HABIT: Clean and vacuum the car every four weeks

NEW HABIT: Valet car every 26 weeks and budget £30 for it

Cleaning the car is something I’ve always procrastinated about. If I can’t keep my house clean, what makes you think I can keep my car clean? It gets so bad, with rubbish everywhere, food wrappers, car parking tickets etc… I had a leak not long ago so even mould has been growing on the carpet. All my seats are stained so I regret not buying nice seat covers from the beginning. If I ever get around to upgrading my car, habits will have to change.

I spontaneously decided to pay to have my car cleaned last Wednesday. We have a valet at work and I took advantage of him being there and offered him £30 for the best clean I can get with that. I know he did a good job and probably did more than he should have. Now the car is all nice and clean, I don’t want to let it get as bad again. I need to make cleaning the car a habit. It’s quite cold still and I’m reluctant to commit to cleaning it myself. I’m going to try and vacuum and clean the outside every 4 weeks. If I don’t manage it myself, I will promise to take it to a carwash. I think I should ask the valet to do one of his thorough cleans twice a year.

“I will make sure the car is cleaned and vacuumed every 4 weeks and ensure car is scheduled for a valet clean every six months and budget for it”




Day 78- FITBIT UPDATE: Walk to and from work

Last week was my birthday and I spent a few days at a hotel with my boyfriend. My idleness is evident in the results.

Last Week

This Week

End Goal





Steps Daily Average



20,000 -25,000

Calories Burned




Active Minutes




6h 44m

6h 48m


Heart Rate Average

66 bpm

66 bpm


Water Consumption

429 ml

286 ml

3000ml a day

NEW HABIT: Walk to and from work whenever possible

My stats just keep going down but I’ve been focusing on my sleep and it appears to be working. I know I’m drinking more water when I’m at work but because I’ve been on holiday it has faltered. I will keep going with my sleep and water improvements but now I think it is time to get these steps up. I’m tempted to wait for winter to be over but it just keeps being mild and I’m wasting the opportunities. From Thursday I’ve decided to walk to and from work unless it’s absolutely is pouring down with rain or I need to car for some reason before or after work. It should add about 5000 steps a day to my daily steppage.  I’ll also save petrol money which would be good.

“From Thursday I will walk to and from work if possible, and if weather permits”