Day 13- Repeat Prescription


This marks two weeks of a new habit everyday. I’m still feeling positive and excited to hurry things a long. I’m determined for this to be my longest time on the path ever and I’m trying to think or all the ways I could prevent a deviation.

Today I put cartridges back in both my kettle and filter jug. I had to wash them first because they were covered in limescale. Cleaning them again will have to be scheduled so I don’t leave it for so long. I’m planning for spring cleaning every two months so this will be the first things I add to the list. 

NEW HABIT ⌗13: Stay on top of my repeat prescriptions

This is a spontaneous new habit based on today’s experience. It’s not something I planned or wished to blog about but it’s a good example of how procrastination can cause unnecessary stress and I must prevent it in the future.

My son has a repeat prescription. I tend to notice he’s running out on the last day or two which is not enough time to get the repeat from the doctors. The two previous times I have found myself running around between surgery and chemist trying to get the prescription. It often involves a lot of waiting time and pressure on a weekday I could do with out. Then there is the guilt if my son were to go with out and how I’m contributing to his ill-health if I don’t get the meds in time. I think today was the third time I found myself in this predicament but it was even worse because I thought I may have to pay for the meds over the counter because I wouldn’t get a prescription in time. Luckily, the doctor had one ready for me but I swear I don’t want to experience this again. The repeat prescription slip has a date of the next issue so I’ve put that in the diary. If I get the prescription in that day, his meds should be ready before the others run out. That will be a first.



Day 12- Filter my water


I’m still going strong but today I feel a little tired and sorry for myself. I will probably take myself to bed early and indulge in a little chill time. I still haven’t smoked since I gave it up and I have not smoked with my smoking friend on two occasions now.

NEW HABIT ⌗12: Make sure I always filter my water

Look, I’m grateful we have safe drinking water, I really aim. But I’ve done a lot or reading around about what kind of water is the best to drink, and unless you live by a natural spring, your safest bet is some form of filtered water. A while back I bought a Brita jug and a Brita kettle. I feel awkward that these plastic cartridges need disposing of, but for now, my water consumption is important to me and I feel as long as I dispose of them through the Brita recycling scheme, I can somewhat justify my choices. Because I’m a procrastinator I can go weeks using a spent cartridge, and even more weeks no longer using a cartridge at all, even with new ones available on a shelf in the garage. This new habit is a commitment to myself that I will exchange them at the first opportunity. It’s not something I can put in a diary. The devices literally indicate when the cartridge needs changing so the ideal thing is to go change it then and there. My belief is, it will be easier now momentum is good and I’m firmly on my path to perfection. Another guarantee for success with this habit, is to have plenty of cartridges to replace the spent ones. If I don’t, I’ll just end back at square one with no replacement. A little research and I found the cheapest ones on eBay at a little over £3 each. Parting with an unplanned £40 for 12 is quite painful so I’ve also put the next 12 in my saving app so in 6 months time when I run out, I’ll have the money saved already to buy the next lot. A jug full of filtered water will probably encourage me to hydrate more which is where this habit overlaps with health and beauty.

Day 11- Washing my hair


I’m so pleased with myself and my new habits so far. I’m at the start of being on a roll, eager to move things along but patient enough to do it properly. The picture below shows that I’m a stage further with completing the washing up after breakfast. Today, I was only left with 2 oven trays drying. Tomorrow, I think it will be 100% clear. Kitchen is shaping up!NEW HABIT ⌗11: Wash my hair every other day

I tend to wash my hair every second or third day. The third day isn’t very nice. I’ve usually got m hair peeled back into a ponytail by then because it’s getting greasy and unmanageable. On a weekend, when I don’t see people, I can let it go for 4 days. Washing my hair every other day would keep it presentable, preventing embarrassment from surprise visitors, but more importantly it will be immensely good for my appearance and self-esteem. Tomorrow I will washing my hair and every other day after that. I’m using up my left over hotel bottle before levelling up to my preferred brands.

I’m not sure i can use up all these before I want my preferred brands, but I’ll give it a try.

Day 10- Shower time!


Another good day under my belt. I tackled the washing up this morning but ran out of time. I’m hoping that after a couple of days and the evenings, it will get easier to complete it in the mornings. 


Major developments at work. We are talking about developing my role further, making my uniform more professional and possibly my salary going up. All this makes me want to lose weight, be more beautiful and improve my life. There’s never been a better time to start on the path to perfection and right now, I feel like running. Running is not good for success but I can bring forward some of the key habits that will make a difference, rather than delaying them. 

NEW HABIT ⌗10: Kick off a morning beauty regimen with a shower every weekday

After doing the washing up in the morning, it’s time for me to go upstairs and get ready for work. Just over a week ago I use to stay in bed until 10 minutes before I had to leave and would have the quickest shower every couple of days. Those days are over. I’m already up and about much sooner than I was. When I go upstairs I need to start my beauty regimen again. When I’ve done this in the past, it has had such positive effect on my appearance, my confidence and on my mental health. I’m gonna kick off my morning beauty regimen with a shower every week day, regardless. Before I perfect my products I will use up all the shower gel bottles I have lying around.



Day 9- The morning washing up


A week of new habits are building up nicely. I’m still working on the mornings so now I’m getting antsy to move on to more exciting or challenging habits. But I must work chronologically as much as possible because building on habits is the quickest way to success. Another week and I should think some interesting changes can be made. This week I established all my waking up times for typically weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Staying in bed and being lazy is now only reserved for holidays, hotel stays and sick days. 

NEW HABIT ⌗9: Do the washing up after breakfast every work day morning

So currently I’m getting up, making the bed, oil-pulling whilst making packed lunches and having porridge for breakfast instead of tea. Next to follow, before I go up to get ready, is to do the washing up. I usually leave it and always have dirty dishes strewn across the work tops. I come home from work to even more and the downstairs stinks because of the food stuck to the plates and the dirty sink. After my porridge, but before going upstairs to get ready, I will empty/fill the dishwasher, and do all washing up, so the counter and sink are clear.



Day 8- Sunday mornings


I’ve been at this a week now so all in all it’s going well. It’s still very much about the mornings as I chronologically move through the day deciding on the habits that will follow one another. I had my first weigh-in this morning. I weigh 163.6 lbs and have a fat percentage of 38.7%. I’ve been hanging around this weight for many, many months now. It seems to be where I naturally sit when I eat what I want, when I want. I really want to be around the 130 lbs mark, so that’s 30 lbs to lose. I’m not ready to diet yet but I will be making dietary changes towards the healthy and I’m curious to see what effect it has on my weight. I’m also only weighing myself once a week on Saturdays. That is my newest habit


NEW HABIT ⌗8: Starting Sunday mornings with a tea and a lay-in

Habits aren’t just about bad, horrible things we don’t want to do. To succeed on the path to perfection and arrive at where you want to be, also means scheduling fun stuff too. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, remember. All week I’ve committed to get out of bed, skipping lazy bed-tea and doing chores, so I feel now I can justify the very opposite. I’m still going to have an alarm and a get-up time. No alarm and long lay-ins are for holidays, hotel stays and sick days. They have to be few and far between, to feel really good. On Sundays the alarm will wake me at 9am. That’s two hours later than a work day so definitely a lay-in. And here’s the treat. I get a cup a tea I’ve denied myself during the week AND I get to take it back to bed with me. Once in bed I’m sure I’ll find myself surfing the net or playing a game but at 10:30am I have to get up, to get on with the things that need to get done to stay on the path to perfection.


Day 7- Saturday morning start


I’m very pleased with my progress so far. Habits are forming. Today I succeeded beating my hardest habit. Smoking. I visited one of my smoking friends and successfully endured the evening without smoking. This was always going to be tough and to overcome it, brings immense relief, and a certainty that I can continue easily now. My mantra is, ‘I don’t want to smoke anymore’.

NEW HABIT ⌗6/7: Get up at 8am on Saturdays when at home and weigh-in

Tomorrow is the first habit I’m creating for a non-work/week day. Week days are very different from weekends so their habits must be tailored to fit. It’s very tempting on weekends to abandon all routine and regimen. Sleep in longer, make poor food choices, stay up late. Before you know it, the weekend has passed and the house is a mess. Another working week ahead means no chance to fix it, and the nightmare repeats. I’m all for a lazy morning and no housework but it shouldn’t be every weekend. It should be reserved for hotel trips and holidays or the odd treat on a day off. If I want to achieve my perfection, I need to fit in all the things I need to do to achieve it.

I’ve chosen to get up at 8am on Saturdays. At least I get an hour lay in but mostly it’s to allow me to take part in Park Run at 9am when I’m ready to. I’m not ready yet but at least I will be set up to in the future.

The first thing I want to do when I wake is weigh myself, and only weigh myself once a week on Saturdays. Daily weigh-ins can be a little depressing and counter-productive. I would also like to get a clear record of what effect the changes I make have on my weight without me conscientiously trying to lose weight.Weekends are the mostly likely time my habits will get compromised, and I can end up losing momentum, and the path easily abandoned. It’s helpful for me to look several weekends ahead and see when these Saturday habits might get challenged and then decide now how I will deal with that. I can see two weekends before Christmas I can’t weigh myself in the morning so I’ve decided now to let them go.