Day 2- NEW HABIT: Oil-Pulling

NEW HABIT: At least 5 minutes of oil pulling every work day morning

Oil-pulling is something I’ve learned to be a good thing and a healthy addition to dental hygiene. I can’t remember why it’s good and not sure whether it really does any good, but it does leave the mouth with a clean sensation, cleans between the teeth and around the mouth and tongue and seems to help draw out phlegm. I have a lovely prepared bottle of oil designed for the purpose which I bought during one of my impulsive purchases and will use that first.

“After I get out of bed at 7am I will go downstairs to make the packed lunches. I will oil pull at this time every work day”

Update: I have abandoned this habit temporarily because it has proved inconvenient and I’ve concluded now is not the time to introduce it. I may introduce it at a later date.



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