Day 7- NEW HABIT: A Made Bed

NEW HABIT: Make my bed, after getting up, everyday

Last week I started introducing a new habit everyday to get onto my path to perfection. It’s helpful for to me begin chronologically. Starting with the first habit I need to wake up with, and adding as I go, building on each one every day. I realised last week I made my bed automatically without thinking. Usually I would leave the bed, with minutes to spare,  with the attitude, ‘why the hell bother?’ but because I knew I was getting out of bed, not to return, I made the bed. I need to make the bed because my cats come in during the day and one of them puts filth all over my bed. Making my bed, and covering part of it with a cat blanket, reduces the mess he makes and it means I can crawl into a relatively clean bed at the end of the day. I would like my made bed to look nicer but what you see below is a baby step and a step in the right direction. Improvement will come later. That is what the path to perfection is all about!

“Every day, after I wake up and leave the bed, I will make it.”

A ‘made’ bed


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