Day 8- NEW HABIT: A Packed Lunch

NEW HABIT: Make packed lunches on work days

I’m still working chronologically so the next thing I have to introduce permanently is making my and my youngest son’s packed lunches for school and work. Previously he had school food which costed about £15-£20 a week and is just awful, unhealthy options. We started trying to make packed lunches to fill him up a bit more, with healthier food and possibly save money. The money saved didn’t end up being much as we hoped but he gets so much more food, that’s much healthier. As for me, it’s been hit or miss. Sometimes I make a sandwich, sometimes I bring leftovers but sometimes I go in with just chocolate, food purchased at the garage, or worse, and most often, nothing at all. This new habit is all about making packed lunches a permanent feature and it involves the discipline of making it each day, but more importantly buying what I need every Sunday, to keep me out of the shops during the week. The two new habits go hand in hand and are both necessary for success. I don’t really want to have sandwiches for packed lunch but aspire to something much healthier, but it’s all about baby steps and moving in the right direction with ease, for long lasting success.

“Every work day I will make packed lunches after I wake up”

Weekly shop example


I’m pleased with my progress so far. It’s all going to plan. I made the packed lunches this morning but then managed to forget to bring mine to work! The path to perfection is not an easy one! I’m still working on my weekday mornings and probably have another week before moving onto something else.


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