Day 10- HABIT BREAK: No Smoking Please

HABIT BREAK: Give up smoking

I’ve never seen myself as a serious smoker, with a serious habit. I’ve always been able to take it or leave it, and almost never have I had more than 20 a day. Biggest problem for me, is the temptation to smoke in the company of friends who smoke. And when I do have tobacco, I find it hard to not smoke alone too. Not buying tobacco and smoking alone is easier, I’m already achieving that. But not joining in with a smoking friend is terribly hard. I have two good friends I like to smoke with. I saved breaking this habit until tomorrow because tomorrow I am spending the evening with one such friend and her other smoking friend. I will be with them and not smoking and that will hold a mirror up to me, making me confront uncomfortable feelings that usually make me join in. But if I do get through the evening without smoking, it will be a huge reward and make giving up smoking all the easier henceforth. I saw the friend on Tuesday and deliberately prepared her for what I’m doing. This is to avoid a difficult conversation in the midst of it all. She’s knows I won’t be smoking and knows not to offer or question. Now, all I have to do is try and enjoy the evening with as little envy and uncomfortable feelings as possible. I look forward to success and the future meet ups getting easier and easier to not smoke.

“I do not want to smoke”


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