Day 12- NEW HABIT: Sunday Mornings

NEW HABIT: Start Sunday mornings with a tea and a lay-in

Habits aren’t just about bad, horrible things we don’t want to do. To succeed on the path to perfection and arrive at where you want to be, also means scheduling fun stuff too. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, remember. All week I’ve committed to get out of bed, skipping lazy bed-tea and doing chores, so I feel now I can justify the very opposite. I’m still going to have an alarm and a get-up time. No alarm and long lay-ins are for holidays, hotel stays and sick days. They have to be few and far between, to feel really good. On Sundays the alarm will wake me at 9am. That’s two hours later than a work day so definitely a lay-in. And here’s the treat. I get a cup a tea I’ve denied myself during the week AND I get to take it back to bed with me. Once in bed I’m sure I’ll find myself surfing the net or playing a game but at 10:30am I have to get up, to get on with the things that need to get done to stay on the path to perfection.

“Every Sunday I will wake at 9am and bring a tea to bed for a lay-in until 10.30am”


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