Day 16- NEW HABIT: Filtered Water

NEW HABIT: Change Brita cartridge every month when prompted

NEW HABIT: Order 12 pack of cartridges every 6 months and budget £40 for them

NEW HABIT: Always drink filtered water

Look, I’m grateful we have safe drinking water, I really am. But I’ve done a lot or reading around about what kind of water is the best to drink, and unless you live by a natural spring, your safest bet is some form of filtered water. A while back I bought a Brita jug and a Brita kettle. I feel awkward that these plastic cartridges need disposing of, but for now, my water consumption is important to me and I feel as long as I dispose of them through the Brita recycling scheme, I can somewhat justify my choices. Because I’m a procrastinator I can go weeks using a spent cartridge, and even more weeks no longer using a cartridge at all, even with new ones available on a shelf in the garage. This new habit is a commitment to myself that I will exchange them at the first opportunity. It’s not something I can put in a diary. The devices literally indicate when the cartridge needs changing so the ideal thing is to go change it then and there. My belief is, it will be easier now momentum is good and I’m firmly on my path to perfection. Another guarantee for success with this habit, is to have plenty of cartridges to replace the spent ones. If I don’t, I’ll just end back at square one with no replacement. A little research and I found the cheapest ones on eBay at a little over £3 each. Parting with an unplanned £40 for 12 is quite painful so I’ve also put the next 12 in my saving app so in 6 months time when I run out, I’ll have the money saved already to buy the next lot. A jug full of filtered water will probably encourage me to hydrate more which is where this habit overlaps with health and beauty.

“I will take care of my Brita jug and kettle, always change the cartridge when prompted and budget to buy multi-packs in time so I don’t ever run out”




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