Day 17- NEW HABIT: Repeat Prescription

NEW HABIT: Stay on top of my repeat prescriptions

This is a spontaneous new habit based on today’s experience. It’s not something I planned or wished to blog about but it’s a good example of how procrastination can cause unnecessary stress and I must prevent it in the future.

My son has a repeat prescription. I tend to notice he’s running out on the last day or two which is not enough time to get the repeat from the doctors. The two previous times I have found myself running around between surgery and chemist trying to get the prescription. It often involves a lot of waiting time and pressure on a weekday I could do with out. Then there is the guilt if my son were to go with out and how I’m contributing to his ill-health if I don’t get the meds in time. I think today was the third time I found myself in this predicament but it was even worse because I thought I may have to pay for the meds over the counter as I wouldn’t get a prescription in time. Luckily, the doctor had one ready for me but I swear I don’t want to experience this again. The repeat prescription slip has a date of the next issue so I’ve put that in the diary. If I get the prescription in on that day, his meds should be ready before the others run out. That will be a first.

“I have the date in my diary to submit the repeat prescription and will not procrastinate”




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