Day 18- LEVEL UP: Old Bras

NEW HABIT: Improve bra purchases and wash them with care


I’ve been wearing the same type of bra for years. My boyfriend had a dislike for padded bras so I listened to him. These no-padded T-shirt bras from M&S were the only bras my post-breastfeeding boobs would stay inside of so I stocked up. What they don’t tell you about breastfeeding is, you end up with nipples the size of monkey nuts and they will poke through fabric, 24/7, whatever the weather. I’m not listening to my boyfriend anymore. It is time to do what makes me happy. A nice padded bra gives me a much better shape, so I can look better in my clothes. The monkey nut nipples are hidden away. I’ve picked out these new bras below from M&S. They are available in black, white, nude and blue. Today I am throwing away the old ones. I also vow to wash my new ones considerately so they keep their shape and colour. Washing bras in the washing machine at 40 degrees destroys them rapidly and greys any light colours. One friend of mine washes all her bras by hand but I’m not quite ready for that yet. I’ll be washing my new ones on a 30 degree delicate/hand wash cycle and maybe wash the white ones by hand.

“I will buy this bra from now on and always wash them considerately”

M&S Shape Define Padded Full Cup T-Shirt Bra £20


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