Day 22- NEW HABIT: The Morning Facial

NEW HABIT: Start my morning facial regimen

This habit is the final part of my morning routine and start of my morning beauty regimen. For now, I won’t be introducing any more habits or levelling them up in the mornings. I really need to spend some time on the other parts of the day and the housework.

So after my shower and brushing my teeth, I want to wash my face. I want to start using Liz Earle products again because I had such success with them before, but unfortunately I have Dermalogica products left from when I was seeing a Dermalogica therapist. I have to use them up because it’s such a waste of money otherwise, and I’m short on money to get everything I want in one go. I will be washing my face again at the sink rather than in the shower because I think I do a better job that way. I will be using my Dermalogica facial cleanser, followed by toner, moisturiser and eye serum. The only other Dermalogica product I’ll have left is some exfoliator which I will include when I introduce the bath routines again.

“I will start my beauty regimen with cleansing, toning, eye serum, spot cream and moisturiser”

The Dermalogica products I have to use up before levelling up





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