Day 23- BUDGET: An Eye Test

NEW HABIT: Get regularly eye tests or when prompted

NEW HABIT: Budget for eye tests and new spectacles 

Today I went and had an eye test. I was procrastinating but my sight has got so bad it was compromising my driving and I was starting to feel unsafe. I had my last eye test about 10 years ago and got a mild prescription for short distance, like driving or the cinema, But this year I’ve noticed a deterioration in my eyes. Firstly, I couldn’t read a whiteboard before, or after, I put my glasses on and secondly, I’m feeling uncomfortable driving at night, and now sometimes during the day, even with them on.

“I will get an eye test regularly or when prompted and budget for the expense of a test and new spectacles”


I had the eye test and she said my left eye has deteriorated considerably but my reading vision still seems good. She asked me if anything had changed and then it occurred to me, I probably spend more time on the laptop now since my job role developed. Just an idea! But she said my eyes were healthy and a stronger prescription should do the trick. I have to return to pick out some new frames and I will let you know what I purchase. She had the cheek to say my 10 year old frames were out of fashion! My short rectangular ones are getting replaced by some big old circles apparently so I can be fashionable again. The eye test set me back £40 and looks like the new frames and lenses will set me back £200. She said I don’t need another eye test for two years but I’m already gonna put it in the diary and save £250 for the next time. This is the cure for procrastination.



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