Day 24- NEW HABIT: The Laundry

NEW HABIT: Do the laundry at 4pm on week days

NEW HABIT: Empty tumble dryer and fold away clothes before I go to bed

NEW HABIT: Transfer new load to tumble dryer before I go to bed

I think the first thing I should do, everyday after work, is get some laundry on. When I procrastinate, I tend to leave the laundry and do it on a needs must basis. It’s not a great way to live. I certainly will do it when I run out of uniform or if my kids need clothes, but otherwise I tend to leave everything else. That means weeks without changing the bedding or towels, wet piles of dish cloths and tea towels, hand washing ignored and just buckets or piles of clothes, washed or unwashed, lying all over the house. It’s a sorry state and bad for my mental health. If I get just one load on a day, it may mean the difference between being on top of things and being just always overwhelmed. My minimum requirement is:

  1. Put a load of washing on when I get in from work
  2. Fold clothes from the tumble dryer and put away
  3. Put new washing load in tumble dryer before I go to bed

Those 3 habits, done daily on a weekday after work, should be enough to keep the bulk of the washing down and the laundry away where it should be.

This is my first after work habit that I commit to.

“Every week day I will put a washing load on (usually after work). Before I go to bed I will empty the tumble dryer and fold previous load away and then put new load in the tumble dryer”



After I got a load on
Clean laundry



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