Week 2- WEIGH-IN

Two weeks ago, I decided to create the habit of weighing in only once a week, instead of everyday. When I  got on the scales, I weighed 163.6 lbs and had a body fat percentage of 38.7%. This is a figure I’ve been hanging around at for over a year, my heaviest is about 169 lbs. I really want to initially lose about 30 lbs to bring me into a region that I will feel much more comfortable in. I have waited 2 weeks for my first weigh-in because I wanted to see if anything positive would happen if I just ate a breakfast; a packed lunch; a home cooked meal; snacks when I felt like it and anything I like at the weekends. Having porridge for breakfast and taking a packed lunch felt like a healthy move forward. The home cooked meals have been roast chicken and veg, fish and veg, tofu stir-fry and couscous stuffed peppers with haloumi, onion and mushroom. I’ve been having whatever snacks I want but can honestly say the meals have helped me reduce that amount, and I haven’t binged once. So whilst I haven’t actually dieted,  I would have thought that the diet I have had, would have caused some weight-loss.

Today I weigh 162.3 lbs and have a body fat percentage of 40.4 lbs

I’m delighted to have lost just over a pound. I can accept only half a pound a week loss if I’m only making tiny changes. I’m more likely to have success and endure the whole process that way. But I am really shocked that my body fat percentage has gone up so much. I haven’t been 40% for a year. I may have to put it down to the cheese in my sandwiches. Whatever happens, I just want to continue losing weight. So the changes I’m gonna make this week are: only one teaspoon of sugar in my porridge, only cheese in my sandwiches twice a week, and cut thinly, and I’m gonna be just a little bit more mindful of everything I prepare and dish up.

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