Day 27- NEW HABIT: An Evening Routine

NEW HABIT: Kick off an evening routine at 9pm

Tomorrow is Sunday and I won’t be at home to create a habit for the morning or adjacent to the grocery shopping habit. Therefore, I’m gonna create the first habit I can start when I get back home and I think that should be the start of my evening routine. The evening routine is something that triggers the journey I must take to bed. There is a lot to be done, like closing up the house, a beauty regimen and preparation for another day. I think I can start this at 9pm on ‘school nights’ and at the weekends, if I’m at home. I will set an alarm for 9pm called ‘head to bed’ and that will be the trigger. I will start with putting the cats in the garage and making the house safe. Then I will go to my bedroom where a whole host of habits need creating to keep me body beautiful!. I will aim for 9pm, Sundays to Thursdays, to allow me a little freedom at the weekends, for now.

“Every day possible, I will head to bed at 9pm and complete my list of introduced habits”


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