Day 28- NEW HABIT: Lounge Wear

NEW HABIT: Change out of my uniform and into lounge wear when I get in from work

I introduced my first after-work habit last week. It was putting a laundry load on when I get in. But there was a new habit I wanted to introduce between arriving home and beginning the evening chores. I want to change out of my uniform and into, what they call, lounge wear. There have been many times I’ve just plonked myself on the sofa in my grubby, uncomfortable uniform and sat there most of the evening. I would like to make myself a little more ready and relaxed for a nice evening, kind of ready for bed, but still acceptable to answer the door. That’s where this wonderful concept of lounge wear comes in. Soft and comfy, and giving room to move and stay active, but prudish enough to open the door to strangers or visitors. Some outfits are even ambiguous enough to pop out to the shops in. In the past, my lounge wear has been anything from tracksuit bottoms, old t-shirts and sweatshirts, to parts of pyjamas or nighties. Comfy, but can make me look a bit of a mess if someone pops around. Eventually, I want to have a few quality pieces I can mix and match, and gradually get rid of the scruffy stuff. I bought my first nice set, before I travelled to Denmark, from M&S. Each piece was £16 and it is a lovely soft set. I recommend washing it first, because it pilled terribly on my first wear and I had thousands of blue fluff balls in my hair and in my bed for days after. There is a grey set too, which I would also like, but I can’t justified it financially yet.

“When I get home from work I will change out of my uniform and into lounge wear”


I’ll let you know if, and when, I buy anything new.


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