Day 30- NEW HABIT: The Water Softener (and running out of things)

NEW HABIT: Refill the water softener on time

NEW HABIT: Buy more salt when last bag used

I’m writing about this habit because it is the perfect example of how procrastination costs time, money, stress and damage.

The house I rent has a water softener which requires granular salt refills from time to time. The salt is essential for it to run and soften the water.


Procrastinators often let things ‘run out’. We are disorganised or put things off so much that we find ourselves running out of things like ketchup or toothpaste. These are not hardships and most people can cope without them for a day or two just like my Brita filters I blogged about. Then there are worse things to run out of, like toilet roll or washing up liquid. A major inconvenience but usually we are resourceful enough to muddle through until we can replenish then. But sometimes, running out of some things can be really stressful. Like zooming to the petrol station on the last drop of dirty fuel. Or taking the last of your medication when you know you need 3 days to get a prescription, which I’ve also blogged about. Running out of things that are really important can lead to terrible stress, from realising you’ve run out, to finally replenishing it. Even in the days before you run out, you can be stressed knowing you are going to let it run out! Allowing my water softener to run out in my rented home is stressing me out!


Running out of toothpaste for a couple of days doesn’t cause much damage but running out of some things does. If I run out of flea treatment for my cats and I’m not quick enough to buy more, they get fleas and my home can become over-run within weeks and my ankles covered in itchy spots. Because I keep letting my water softener run dry I risk scaling up the plumbing that isn’t mine to neglect. The risk of damage or getting into trouble is often what causes me stress.


Running out of things often uses up valuable time. You’d think putting something off would save time but it’s not true. If I run out of cat food, I have to pop to the late night garage and pay twice as much for a sachet of food to tide the cats over, yet still go shopping again the next day to properly replenish it. With the water softener, when it runs out, I’m quickly popping out for one bag, when buying more could save me numerous trips in the future.


I’ve just mentioned that things cost more when you have to buy them quickly and conveniently. If you let your petrol in your car run low, you haven’t the luxury to take it to the cheapest garage. As with the water softener salts, I’ve just discovered I can save 10% if I buy 3 bags at once. That also means I have plenty for nearly 4 months and it will save me all those quick trips.

So there you have it. Just one example of how procrastination and letting something run out can cause a multitude of problems that effect us so negatively.

I’m now buying 3 bags at once to save money and I will schedule it in my calendar when I’m likely to have to refill. Opening the final bag is my ‘trigger’ to buy the next lot.

“I will refill my water softener about every 7 weeks just as it is running low. And I will order more about every 21 weeks when triggered by using the last bag”



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