Week 3- WEIGH-IN

Last week, I was chuffed to have lost a whole pound in 2 weeks just by making sure I had breakfast, a packed lunch and a home-made dinner. This week, I didn’t change much, except reducing the amount of sugar in my porridge and the amount of mayonnaise and cheese in my sandwiches. I really thought it would not be enough to make a difference but half way through the week, I could feel my waistband shrinking slightly.








This week I lost about 1/2 a pound and my body fat percentage decreased ever so slightly.  I’m delighted because I had reservations that anything would be lost. I think a tiny 1/2 a pound every week would contribute to long term success.

So I would like to continue like this and see another little bit come off next week. But I think if I did the same as this week, not a lot would change. So in addition to last week’s changes, I’m also going to control my sweet treat cravings by having one small chocolate bar with a cup of tea after work. Currently, I choose and buy all sorts of treats because of cravings after work. I’d like to control it a bit more and have it be something I can look forward to, rather than keep it as a reactive compulsion. I will also try to resist the biscuits at work and see if these two changes create a weight-loss next week.



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