Day 34- NEW HABIT: Floss

NEW HABIT: Floss every night

I skipped creating a habit yesterday because I was unbelievably tired from the last two days. On Friday, my eldest son went into hospital for a tonsillectomy. Being 21, the operation isn’t as uncomplicated as it is in children and he required watching over. Yesterday I had wanted to introduce my eBay habit again, because it’s dawning on me that I need to raise some money to fund a holiday next year and pay off my overdraft after Christmas. However, being so busy yesterday, I had to postpone the housework until today. There was no way I could introduce the eBay habit today, on top of that. Tonight, I will introduce flossing as part of my head to bed routine instead. I found myself doing it voluntarily a few times already because of food stuck in my teeth and when doing it I’ve noticed too many bleeding gums. I may as well cement it as a consistent habit now. It’s also the perfect habit to kick off my evening beauty regimen, which is yet to start. My head to bed alarm goes off at a 9pm every night and that’s when I put the cats out and lock up the house. I then go to my bedroom and the habits stop. So the next habit now is to go to my bathroom and floss. Soon, more and more habits will be added to my evening beauty regimen.

Currently, I’m using an ethical flossing product. I may continue with it, when I finish it, if I cant find anything even more ethical. It’s made from silk and beeswax.

“Every evening I will start my evening beauty regimen with flossing”


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