Day 35- LEVEL UP: Electric Toothbrush

NEW HABIT: Brush my teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day

This is day 29 on my path to perfection so it nearly marks a month since I began and the 28 days they claim it takes to cement a habit. Yesterday I kicked off my evening beauty regimen with flossing, so brushing my teeth at night is the next to follow. I have been very lazy with brushing my teeth at night. The morning is easier because I want to get rid of that sleepy mouth and possible bad breath. In the evening, it is so tempting not to bother.

I already have brushing my teeth established as a morning habit but today I’m levelling up by committing to the programmed 2 minutes set on the electric toothbrush, not just a 30 seconds whizz. There is another important habit associated with this one, and that is remembering to change the head when required. So many times I have not had a replacement, so have continued using an old one or reverted back to manual.

So I will buy extra heads and schedule it in the diary to change them every 2 months. And when I take the last head, it’s a trigger to buy more. Instead of putting it in my diary to change the head, I will use my 2-monthly spring cleans to be the trigger. My spring cleans are already set in the diary for the entire year of 2019.

Part of me wants to brush my teeth with a recycled bamboo toothbrush and ethically-made fluoride/SLS free toothpaste. (I’m also bothered by the plastic used in the electric disposable heads.) But I’ve tried and failed so many times because I’m not filled with confidence that they are doing a good job. I’m now arriving at the belief that extreme standards such as these can only be supported by a very healthy lifestyle. Like one without sugar. As long as I’m consuming sugar in the quantities I am, I feel I need a powerful toothbrush and toothpaste. The high standards can wait.

“I will brush my teeth twice a day for 2 minutes with my electric toothbrush”




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