Day 36- NEW HABIT: eBay

NEW HABIT ⌗28: Sell all my eBay items to raise funds

All over my house, in cupboards, I have items I mean to sell on eBay. Lots of my own stuff and lots of stuff my boss threw out. It’s cluttering up my home, while I’m worrying about the overdraft I will have after Christmas. I have years of success on eBay and have funded numerous things by raising the funds there. It’s time to get on top of it. It’s time to make eBaying a habit so I don’t keep ending up with lots of things in bags and boxes waiting to get damaged, lost or de-valued.

Sunday was always the favourite day to make selling a habit but it’s all too easy to miss a Sunday or not nearly get enough stuff listed in one day. This post is a commitment to listing everything I’ve got, at every moment I have. I wanna push it out continuously. When, not if, I finally have everything sold, my new habit will be to list the next item at the first opportunity, not wait for some magic day. That way, I eliminate procrastination and avoid hoarding.

Tomorrow, I will clear this corner of my kitchen and start to amass all the things I intend to sell. Then I will relentlessly list everything and get it out of the house one way or another. I’m hoping to profit £1500 from this venture. It will pay for my overdraft after Christmas and our holiday in February. After that, I should be permanently in the black. Today I create the habit of eBaying one item everyday until it’s all gone.

“I will list something for sale on eBay every day”

Update: This habit was not at all working for me. I was just rushing, trying to squeeze in a listing a day. They ended up lazy and an annoying chore. I will return to my eBaying and try to come up with a better way of listing my stuff.


I’ve cleared up this corner and collected things I have for sale.

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