Day 38- NEW HABIT: Mouthwash

NEW HABIT: Use mouthwash every night

Now that I’m flossing and brushing my teeth for two minutes every evening, I’ve voluntarily started using mouthwash for the last three nights.Therefore, I may as well make it my next new habit. The jury still seems to be out on the best part of the day to use mouthwash as part of a routine. I naturally feel the evening is the best time because it has all night to work. Also, in the morning, I oil-pull, which is a very similar action. I’m now going to sleep with very clean teeth and mouth. I’m quite happy to use ethical and environmentally friendly mouthwash because I see them as a supplement to dental care, not the be all and end all. From previous success, I have two mouthwash products to use before considering my next purchase.

“I will use mouthwash every night after brushing my teeth and flossing”


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