Day 42- NEW HABIT: The True Food Community Co-operative

NEW HABIT: Shop at True food once a month & increase the shopping list every time

I am so lucky to have this co-operative supermarket near to me. A non-profit organisation focused on bringing ethical, organic and fair-trade produce to the common shopper. They use to transport all this stuff to different locations all over Reading 10 years ago but now they have a permanent shop set up. It is my wish to rely on this place more and more for my regular items. It is especially good for loose grains, nuts and seeds etc… and also has lots of things you can fill up straight into your own bottles, like olive oil and detergent etc…

I’m soon going to run out of the porridge oats I committed to start eating every morning for breakfast. I want to level up to the best presentation of porridge there is, which is steel-cut oats. I think True Food has that, so that’s what inspired me to pay a visit again. Other things I will run out soon are ear buds and floss, so I would like to start purchasing them from there too. I think I will try toilet roll also, so I’m going to create a stock list for these items and visit True Food once a month to purchase them. And then every month I’m going to add at least one more item to the stock list. The path to perfection should take me to a place one day when the majority of my non-fresh items come from True Food.

“I will shop at True Food once a month, increasing the range of products I buy with each visit”




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