Day 46- NEW HABIT: Tongue Scraper

NEW HABIT: Use a tongue scraper every day

My evening dental routine is pretty, darn good now. I start with flossing, then I brush my teeth for 2 minutes and finish with a mouthwash. In the morning I’ve been oil-pulling and brushing my teeth for 2 minutes. There is just one more habit to add and then, apart from an annual visit to the dentist, I’d say my dental habits are pretty much complete and not in need for levelling up for a long time. In the morning, I will now finish my routine with tongue-scraping. A common habit in the east, tongue scraping can be the solution to bad breathe. The many little suckers on the tongue hold on to food and bacteria causing bad breathe. Tongue scraping clears that, leaving the tongue nice and pink and no furry sensation.

I bought a metal tongue-scraper online with little plastic handles. You want to stay away from those disposable plastic ones in Boots. I wished I spent more time searching for a solid metal one with no plastic but I was rushing. The copper ones seem interesting. Should it ever break, that will be what I look out for.

“I was my tongue scraper everyday after brushing my teeth”


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