Day 48- ETHICAL HAUL: Personal Care

This post marks the start of my transition from supermarkets to alternative shopping opportunities. I have a wish to improve the sources of the things we need or enjoy. I would like to consider the ethical and environmental consequences of our purchases. I am aware of my hypocrisy however, because I’ve been unwavering about my choice to buy a new iPhone and one day, a new car but I will start where I can and see where it leads.

I wrote about The True Food Community Shop near me a week ago. I decided I would go there every 4 weeks with a stock list and start sourcing more and more of my shopping from there. What I like about this shop is, it is not just about being organic or recycled. It takes into account lots more things like fair-trade, ethical sourcing, animal testing, low carbon footprint etc… It stocks items that are the kindest to the environment and people. You just can’t depend on multi-million supermarkets to really make a difference just because they sell recycled toilet paper or an organic apple. I believe shops like True Food are the way forward to restore shopping to a sustainable pursuit.

The first category I shopped for this weekend was Personal Care. I went to see what they had and what I could use. If they had anything I needed, I bought it. The only things I didn’t was; our toothpaste, bathing items and my skincare products. That is advanced levels for me and I need to be very far down my path to perfection to qualify.


ECOLEAF TOILET PAPER– I have no idea what this paper is like. Recycled paper from supermarkets can often feel thin or weak or powdery but it is time to stop making excuses and lower my standards for the greater good. You can even tell the paper packaging is recycled. You don’t see that in Asda.

NATRACARE TAMPONS– I do have a moon cup that I want to blog about in the future but in the meantime if I use tampons, it will be these. Tampons are a huge nightmare for the environment. I may even dispose of them in the bin to stop polluting our seas.

SIMPLY GENTLE PAPER STEM BUDS– I’ve just run out of my Waitrose pack so perfect timing. I use one a day for my ears after a shower and if applying make up. At the right time, I will consider if I can live without them altogether.

FAITH IN NATURE HAND-MADE SOAP– It’s a big step for me to move away from bottled hand-soap. Even in a recycled plastic bottle it is still unnecessary packaging. At the end of a soap bar there is no evidence it even existed. Shame this one is still in a plastic wrapper. I may level up one day to a piece of soap that is sold with zero packaging. I bought this coconut one to match the family bathroom. I still have bottles in the other bathrooms but when they run out, I will buy more of these.

DESERT ESSENCE DENTAL-TAPE– I bought this but I’m not convinced it’s a better option than the Yaweco floss I’ve been using. I can’t find out what the tape is made of whereas I know the Yaweco one is biodegradable silk and an unbleached. It maybe that in the future I will use other ethical sources to shop from than just True Food.

The one other thing I could get from True Food is Cosmetic Cotton Pads but I already have a lot and only use them to remove make up.

On my next visit to True Food I will consider shopping for laundry products I think.


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