Week 5- WEIGH-IN

So, the last two weeks the only change I made was looking forward to a pre-bought, small bar of chocolate and a cup of tea after work, instead of buying any treat I want, whenever I want. I could feel after a week my trousers were starting to fall down and I had to roll up the waistband. I had a good feeling I may have lost another bit of weight.

I’m really chuffed to have lost another half a pound. And I’m now below the 40% fat mark. I feel I’m on a roll, even though the changes are very slight and slow. I want to make a change again this week to keep losing weight but it’s getting tricky now because there is nothing left I can easily change or give up without feeling challenged. It’s also the week before Christmas which presents all kinds of temptations.

I think what I will do, to try and continue a weight loss this week, is have porridge for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, my chocolate after work and a considerate portion of home-made dinner. I’ve been very relaxed about what I eat between meals to prevent me from feeling deprived but I think it’s time to stop the snacking, as long as I can look forward to that one chocolate treat and eat anything I like at the weekends still.


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