Day 54- BUDGET: Christmas Decorations

NEW HABIT: Budget for Christmas decorations

NEW HABIT: Order Christmas Tree on 1st December

NEW HABIT: Build Christmas Lego weekend before Christmas

Since I started working for a very rich homeowner 11 years ago, my joy at Christmas has seriously depleted. I have to work very hard at Christmas, get very little time off and must make her Christmas spectacular. This has eaten away at me and made me quite resentful. Because I’m a procrastinator, I never save up money for the extra expense Christmas costs. I’m disorganised with Christmas cards, present buying and Christmas decorations. The Christmas experience can end up feeling very flat and an overall disappointment.

I want to enjoy Christmas more and reap its rewards. I’ve already created the habit of saving up money to buy Christmas presents early enough in 2019 and not just end up sticking bank notes in a card. This habit I’m creating is to save up £100 by next December to afford a Christmas Tree, a table decoration and a wreath for the door. I like to keep things simple and natural. There is only one more decoration I have and that is my Lego Christmas Workshop. Every year I want to create it and I want to make it into a snow scene with cotton wool. That would remind me of my childhood Christmases in Denmark. My grandmother always had a cute miniature snow scene with little elves and cotton wool and lights. I want something just as cute.

“I will budget £100 to pay for my Christmas decorations. I will order Christmas tree and start buying presents on 1st December. I will build my Christmas Lego on the last Sunday before Christmas as a treat for doing my Christmas housework”

My tree this year
My table decoration this year
My wish for a wreath next year
The Lego set I like to create every year






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