Day 62- BUDGET: Carpet & Fabric Cleaning

NEW HABIT: Budget for annual carpet cleaning

With Christmas, I’ve blogged about how I’m now using an app called Money Box to save up for things I want or need. In the past, I haven’t been able to afford them because when the time comes, I haven’t budgeted for them. With Money Box, I can save money every week towards the total I will need to buy what I want. The next thing I need to save for is having my carpets cleaned every year. I can never justify the expense when I don’t budget for it but if I put a little something away every week maybe every Christmas I can get them cleaned? It’s nice to know it’s being done and it prevents the carpets getting really blackened over time and stains setting in. This also goes for my fabric sofa too. I’m hoping £200 will cover it. For now, I will probably just get the stairs’ carpet cleaned because I don’t think it can wait a year.

“I will budget £200 towards cleaning the carpets and sofa every year before Christmas”



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