Day 63- BUDGET: Spring Break

NEW HABIT: Budget for a Spring Break

Every year, I would love to get away for a weekend in Spring or Easter or on the May Bank Holidays. I don’t mind which. On the path to perfection I am budgeting for everything I want so that when the time comes, I can afford to pay for the treat and not worry about getting into debt for it or restrict the joy because money’s tight.

I want to save about £1000 so that I can have a glorious 3 days somewhere, no expense spared. I suspect that I don’t have the income to save so much especially with all the other savings I want to make but I’m going to aim for it. Maybe one day, when the path to perfection is an easy road and all habits are in place, it will be easy for me to save that kind of money just for a Spring Break somewhere.

The plan is that I have one year to save for it and on, or just after the 1st of January 2020, I can plan it and make a booking. If I manage to save anything at all, that will be my budget.

“I will budget £1000 towards a Spring break every year and think about booking it around 1st of January”







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