Day 64- FITBIT UPDATE: Earlier nights

The results below compare the week before Christmas to the week before that. I won’t be considering Christmas week itself because predictably it’s a write off.

I’ve reduced the number of stats I’m focusing on because there were too many and it was overwhelming. My main focuses now are: steps, sleep and water consumption.

Last Week

This Week

End Goal

Steps Weekly 




Steps Daily Average



20,000 -25,000

Calories Weekly Burned




Active Minutes




6h 15m

6h 6m


Heart Rate Average

68 bpm

69 bpm

54 bpm

Water Consumption

321 ml

714 ml

3000ml a day

So far I have only created two habits to improve my Fitbit statistics. Drinking a litre of water a day at work is working but I’ve not once walked to my local shops instead of taking the car. That explains why all my results except for water have decreased albeit only by a small amount.

To improve next week, I have to create a habit for sleep, steps or more water. I just have to decide which one I want to concentrate on. I think I will dedicate some time to sleep. I’ve maintained an average sleep time of 6-6.5 hours for years yet have always known it’s not enough because I rely heavily on alarm clocks. I know when I get plenty of sleep I arouse naturally and feel good in the mornings.

NEW HABIT: Lights out at 10pm on weekdays

On a night before a work day there really is no good excuse to be awake after 10pm. I’m already heading to bed at 9pm. The natural progression is to make sure the lights are out and all stimulus stopped by 10pm. My chances of getting more sleep must be greatly increased even if on some nights it’s a bit of a struggle to fall asleep.

Below, you can see I’ve set my sleep to be between 10pm and 7am yet the results show how far off the mark I am. I’m falling asleep way later than I wish and sleeping in at any opportunities I can, yet still only averaging 6.5 hours of sleep a night. Next week I would like to see my sleep bars fall more neatly between the two parameters.

“I will turn the lights out and put my devices away at 10pm on work nights”



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