Day 65- HABIT BREAK: Give up takeaways

HABIT BREAK: Give up takeaways for the rest of the year

Update: I failed with this. Hopefully I will settle on a healthy diet and takeaways will feature less.

In a couple of weeks, I will be embarking on a gut cleanse and then transitioning to a plant-based, vegan diet. I’ve decided I will do this until 31st December 2019 and then review how it affects my health and beauty. So in preparation, I will be firstly giving up takeaways. These are meals that are delivered or collected, ready-made, and eaten at home. There are 5 regular ones for us: Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Fish & Chips and McDonalds. I don’t want to say I’m giving up any of these forever because there are aspects of some of them that do bring me a lot of joy. But I will give them up for the remainder of the year, before deciding what I might like to keep as an occasional treat.

“For the rest of the year, I will not order, or collect food, to bring home to replace dinner”



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