Day 67- NEW HABIT: Daily Blog Post

NEW HABIT: Post a blog update every evening

I can’t believe I’m nearly sixty days into my commitment to follow the path to perfection. I feel like I’m really getting into the swing of it and there is so much to look forward to. If I keep going I will end up creating habits that really make a difference to my life.

Before I move on to the next habit or task I must get this obvious habit out the way now that I’ve found my rhythm.

I like to post once a day about a new habit, a habit break, a task, an update or when I level up. The evening is the opportunity and eventually I think I’ll make it an after dinner habit. For now, I commit to posting once a day as long as there is the opportunity to.

Saturday is an exception because there is sometimes an extra post about my weigh-in from that morning.

“I will put a post on my blog everyday at about 7pm”


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