Day 69- TASK: Disposal of the Christmas Trees

NEW HABIT: Take down Christmas tree and dispose of it immediately on 1st Sunday after New Year.

This is a great example of the extent of my procrastination. The kind of things I don’t do that the majority of people wouldn’t allow to happen. This is the reason I feel so bad about myself.

Last Christmas, I got a real Christmas tree because it was the first time in ten years that I would spend the whole of Christmas week at home without having to go into work. When Christmas was over and I took the Christmas tree down, it dropped all its needles in my living room which is on the first floor of the house. I was left with thousands of sharp needles all over the carpet and down the stairs. When I started the vacuuming, the needles blew up my vacuum cleaner and I had to spend the next 4 hours sweeping the needles out of my carpet. It was a living nightmare. I put the tree into the garden. When the time came for me to take it to the tip, I could not fit it into my car without dropping even more needles. The branches were extremely painful to handle and I had no saw to reduce its size. I gave up. I then had the naked tree lying in my garden for the entire year.

This experience was so unpleasant I decided never to have a tree here again, or at least not on the first floor where I have carpet. But then my parents said they would join me for Christmas so I wouldn’t be alone and suddenly I felt positive and romantic about Christmas and impulsively ordered a tree for this Christmas. I opted for a Nordmann Fir, renowned for its softer needles and minimal drop. Having gone back on my promise not to ever have a tree again, I was adamant that I would not end up with two trees dumped in the garden. So a week ago, I bought a pruning saw from Screwfix and promised I would prune the trees and dispose of them straight away.


When I got to the tip and saw all the Christmas trees piled up, I felt really conflicted. I feel like the right thing to do is not have one again but I don’t like fake ones. I may consider a potted one or maybe one from a sustainable organisation next time. I’m not sure what I will do next year. I want one but I don’t want one. I guess whatever happens next year, I will make a greater ethical choice than I have before, I just don’t know what that choice will be yet.

I’m really proud I got rid of the trees and I didn’t end up with them left in the garden. If I do have a tree again, I promise that when I take it down, I will dispose of it immediately and not procrastinate.

“I will take down the Christmas tree on the list Sunday after New Year and dispose of it immediately”


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