Day 72- BUDGET: My WordPress Plan

NEW HABIT: Budget £75 towards costs to have a annual WordPress plan

I love my blog and believe it is the key to my success. It’s mentally and emotionally therapeutic for me to talk about each new habit and verbally commit to it. It becomes hard to not keep going because I feel like I owe it to the blog. I don’t really mind if no one reads it. Its main role is to be a journal of some sorts, to inevitably be an account of my success when I can look back on how I beat my lifelong procrastination. I blogged before, during my first test-drive on the path to perfection and had amazing success. I think I introduced new habits for about 4 months. It did fold eventually and I can’t really recall why but I do remember that I was a little rigid and introduced certain habits that I wasn’t quite ready for. I even deleted it after months of a return to procrastination. It got to the point where I couldn’t fix my problem again without erasing the blog’s existence. This time, I’m choosing the habit of the day based on what is presenting itself as the most important or the most pressing. There really is no point trying to do habits everyday that feel futile.

My blog is important and I want it to have a decent domain name and to be advert-free, to increase my chances of it being followed and if it did become successful, then at least it seems somewhat professional.

I don’t really understand the plans you can purchase and they’ve been going on about changes that are coming up. When the annual subscription arrives, the expense is always a little unwelcoming. I figure that if I budget £75 a year for it, when the times does come, I am ready for it.

“I will budget £75 to pay for a blog plan that keeps me advert free and with a good domain”


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