Day 76- TASK: Complete Microbiome Purifying Kit by Synergy

Tomorrow, on Monday 14th January, I will embark on my diet transition. It will be my first step in transitioning towards a whole-grain, plant-based vegan diet. It is what I consider perfect for the world, perfect for health and perfect for me.

It will start with me following the 21 day microbiome purifying programme by Synergy. My boss has done it and can’t speak highly enough. It’s expensive at around £200 a kit but she bought it for me as my birthday present. I see it as a great way to trigger a diet transition.


The kit contains magnesium, probiotics, vitamins and meal replacement shakes. It claims to detoxify the body and flood the gut with good bacteria. Priming the body to be a place where good bacteria can flourish.

I have to eat pretty healthy when I follow this which will put me in a good position to transition to a plant-based diet.

The next 21 days will look something like this:

1-5 days cutting out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and carbs and taking magnesium

6-12 days of supplements. A shake for breakfast and lunch, and a healthy high-protein meal.

Day 13-21 Continued healthy eating and supplements

It is on day 13 that I plan to fully commit to a plant-based diet.

I will blog about my experiences on the microbiome purifying programme, and report back with any benefits that I notice, when it ends.



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