Day 77- BUDGET: My Work Uniform

NEW HABIT: Budget £100 a year to pay for new work uniform

I wear a uniform to work. I charge my new tunics to my boss but every now and then I need new shoes and trousers which I pay for myself. Procrastination sometimes means I go for months in tatty shoes, or trousers with white knees, undone hems or broken zips. I’ve always seen September as a new start. I guess it derives from the academic year when we get new clothes for school. To prevent me from being tatty, I really should review my uniform every year and make sure I’m the smartest I can be. I really regret the last pair of shoes I bought because I bought them online and they are too big. I won’t be making that mistake again. I do like to splash out on really good work shoes, like Skechers or FitFlops. I’m on my feet all day. I can get my trousers really cheaply from Matalan or Asda. I am going to budget £100 a year so that I can buy new shoes and trousers every September if I think I need to.

“I will budget £100 a year to pay for new trousers and shoes for work around September time”






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