Day 78- FITBIT UPDATE: Walk to and from work

Last week was my birthday and I spent a few days at a hotel with my boyfriend. My idleness is evident in the results.

Last Week

This Week

End Goal





Steps Daily Average



20,000 -25,000

Calories Burned




Active Minutes




6h 44m

6h 48m


Heart Rate Average

66 bpm

66 bpm


Water Consumption

429 ml

286 ml

3000ml a day

NEW HABIT: Walk to and from work whenever possible

Update: I have not succeeded with this yet. I’m hoping the warmer weather and addiction to exercise will encourage this soon

My stats just keep going down but I’ve been focusing on my sleep and it appears to be working. I know I’m drinking more water when I’m at work but because I’ve been on holiday it has faltered. I will keep going with my sleep and water improvements but now I think it is time to get these steps up. I’m tempted to wait for winter to be over but it just keeps being mild and I’m wasting the opportunities. From Thursday I’ve decided to walk to and from work unless it’s absolutely is pouring down with rain or I need to car for some reason before or after work. It should add about 5000 steps a day to my daily steppage.  I’ll also save petrol money which would be good.

“From Thursday I will walk to and from work if possible, and if weather permits”


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