Day 83- NEW HABIT: The Houseplants

NEW HABIT: Check water levels everyday & water once a week.

NEW HABIT: Re-pot every 6 months, Spring & Autumn.

NEW HABIT: Feed every 2 weeks

NEW HABIT: Budget £50 every 6 months for new compost, plants and pots

I spent about £100 on houseplants and pots at Ikea a year ago to liven up my living room and inject some oxygen and nature into my environment.

I have struggled to look after them. I lost the Aloe Vera plants very quickly. And the ivy started to survive only when I put it in the kitchen. There are a couple of spikey plants that have thrived and don’t seem to mind not being watered but my large plants are suffering. They either dry out and turn brown and flag, so I water them more, and then they rot at the root, wither and die. I’ve learned that different plants need different care, so I have to get to know their individual needs. I’ve learned that too much water around the roots can rot them, so I have to be really careful how much I water them. Maybe less frequently? I think I will put a water container outside to collect rainwater to water the plants because I’ve read it’s beneficial to them.

So today I’m going to review my plants and buy new pots and re-pot them if necessary. I may find new locations for them around the house and henceforth, I will introduce the new habits which should help them thrive more.

“I will check the condition of my houseplants everyday. I will give them a proper water once a week. Every two weeks, I”l drop some feed into the water. Every six months I will re-pot them if needed. I will budget £50 every six months to fund new compost, plants and pots”

I bought a couple of new pots and plants from Ikea today and re-organised my houseplants. Unfortunately, a couple of them had to be thrown away. Here are pictures of the newly potted plants and their new locations.









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