Day 85- FITBIT UPDATE: Review

I’m so sick of my Fitbit stats not improving much and that I keep failing to commit to the new habit of walking to work. I think there are 3 reasons I’m struggling:

  1. It’s cold
  2. I don’t make enough time in the morning
  3. I don’t have the right clothes or bag to not look ridiculous on my way to work.

I was very close today in giving up on the Fitbit progression or at least giving up on creating habits that may improve them. But I’ve changed my mind and I will keep updating it but I won’t be creating new habits every week. I will just create them as and when, as I do with all my other habits.

Last Week

This Week

End Goal





Steps Daily Average



20,000 -25,000

Calories Burned




Active Minutes




6h 48m

6h 5m


Water Consumption

286 ml

1764 ml

3000ml a day

I am doing really well with my water consumption. I now I have 2 litres a day set in stone. All I need to do now is find another litre somewhere and I’ve reached my target. I also need to make it count at the weekend too.

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