Day 87- HABIT BREAK: Chin Hairs

HABIT BREAK: Stop plucking my facial hair

For the last few years I’ve started to get long fine hairs or thick black hairs on and around my chin. First I tried laser surgery but found the hairs just kept coming back and it was burning my skin and expensive at £50 a pop.

Then I tried electrolysis which was reportedly more effective and much much cheaper at only £10 for 5 mins. I went for several months but again the hairs never really stopped growing.

Since I gave up electrolysis I’ve started plucking them again because I just can’t help touching them and they annoy me but they keep causing red painful bumps when they try to grow back and become ingrown.

I have two very painful bumps at the moment and there is nothing I can do to get rid of them. I fiddle and pick yet they won’t go away until the hair breaks through. One of them, I think, may have millimetres of hair stuck below the skin because it keeps coming back and I can feel the bump but it isn’t a zit.

Today I vow to stop pulling the hairs out because the repercussions are just not worth it. I look like I have acne when I don’t. I have decided to buy a little face de-fuzzer to cut them regularly instead. They will come back faster and I’ll have to keep doing it but at least I won’t have the problem of ingrown hairs anymore.

Soon, I’m going to introduce bath nights and that will include exfoliation which will help soften the hairs.

“I will not pluck my chin hairs anymore”



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