Day 90- NEW HABIT: Bath Night

NEW HABIT: Introduce my first weekly bath night on a Sunday

The first time I embarked on my path to perfection I introduced a bath night on Sundays. I maintained it for several weeks and it proved to be a really good part of my beauty regimen. A bath provides an opportunity to do things that aren’t easily executed in the shower. I like to exfoliate and put a face pack on and shave thoroughly. The other opportunity a bath offers, is time for relaxation. Time to think and time to meditate and slow things down.

I recall from the past that bath night is always very fragile and easy to skip. It’s a shame to skip it because it ticks so many boxes and sets me up for a good week. I’m considering to dangle a carrot to encourage me to commit, like a glass of wine or something. It’s also nice after the bath to put fresh pyjamas on, get into a clean bed, read or something, and get an earlier night to prepare me for the week ahead. It’s about making a ritual out of it, surrendering to the experience and eliminating all other distractions.

Tonight I will plan my first bath night. I think after dinner is the trigger to switch the hot water on and go up for the bath, perform the ritual and find myself in bed a little earlier than other nights. There are lots of elements I can add to the ritual and eventually perfect the entire evening.

I have a box by the bath for all the things I need when I am in there. Things like a candle, a razor, facemasks and exfoliators.

“Every Sunday I will have a bath night after dinner and then head to bed”

My Bath Box Of Tricks




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