Day 91- REVIEW: After Work Routine

Overall, I’m doing very well on my path to perfection. I’ve been going for more than 90 days now, which is impressive. My last attempt was not much over 100 days, so soon it will be a record. Besides, this time I’m in it for the long haul. Even when I have a wobble, I’m gonna keep going. The things I am finding hard is finding time for exercise and following my evening beauty regimen and going to bed early enough. When it’s time to start my beauty regimen I’m dreading it a bit and not really up for it, sometimes fast forwarding it and rushing. I think that if I spent some time focusing on my routine after work, I might be able to perfect these things and make them easier to commit to. Problem is, right now I come home and put washing on and then immediately change into my pyjamas. It’s a lovely feeling but I often find myself sat in front of the tv by 4:30pm. That leads to delays in making dinner. A late dinner means I extend my TV time again after it, which delays the whole evening beauty regimen and makes it harder to complete it when I’m late going to bed. I’m of the opinion that if the entire evening was more planned out, maybe I would find it easier to complete my habits and stick to the timing. I think that I should keep active until after dinner, to prevent the lure of the sofa and TV before it. I also need to promptly go and start my evening beauty regimen so maybe I will create the habit of watching just one episode of something than just binge-watching stuff which can be addictive and makes it harder for me to pull myself away.

Over the coming days I’m going to pay attention to my after work routine and see if I can improve it. I think there is a chance I find out this week that my hours have increased which is going to affect my evenings too. The first thing I’m going to consider is staying active until after dinner. I will mull it over this week. Eventually, it should be exercise but I may have to choose something else for now because I’m not sure I’m ready for commitment to exercise.

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