Day 95- NEW HABIT: Birthdays

NEW HABIT: Send greetings cards to my nearest and dearest and allocate saved money towards gifts

When I was a teenager, I loved buying cards and gifts for my friends and family. I loved to go to Paperchase and buy beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon etc… to make the present look lovely. As I got older, and busier, and had moments of being short on funds, I stopped enjoying it or would run out of time. Now that I am on the path to perfection and creating many habits that I am completing regularly, I now find the time to consider making sure I get cards to my family on their birthdays.

I started by setting up a goal on Money Box to save up money to buy cards and allocate funds for the birthdays of my immediate family. My sister has 4 kids and they and she have 5 birthdays within 2 months of each other and every year it catches me out unprepared. This year I want it to be different. I thought that I would try MoonPig or Funky Pigeon because these websites send the card out in time for the birthdays you submit. I’ve set up the cards for my sister’s family and my mum & dad. It’s great for a procrastinator like me because now it’s done I can forget about it. My only disappointment is how crap the cards are and how little choice there is. Next year I think I will just order them online, or buy them, and send them myself so I can pick out nice ones and maybe even ethical ones.

“On the 1st of February I will buy all the birthday cards I need for the year and send them to my nearest and dearest. I will budget for the cards and gifts”




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