Day 97- NEW HABIT: After Dinner Washing Up

NEW HABIT: Do ALL the washing up after dinner

Doing the washing up in the morning before I go to work was one of the first habits I introduced when I started this blog about being on the path to perfection. It started well at first but after a while I’ve ended up just emptying and filling the dishwasher. It still makes a huge difference and keeps me on top of things but as long as that is all I do, I still end up with pans, chopping boards and wooden spoons sitting on the side and that could go on for a week. So I’ve decided to introduce the habit of doing all the washing up in the evening after dinner. As I will have more time, I can make sure the pans and boards are washed up too so by the morning there should only a few glasses and plates to pop into the dishwasher.

“I will do All the washing up every day after dinner. There should be nothing left on the side when I finish’



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