Day 105- REVIEW: Menu Plan

Just over a week ago I decided to join the gym and follow the vegan diet from the book, “The 28-Day Vegan Plan: Kickstart a plant-based lifestyle in just one month” by Kim-Julie Hansen. I was very excited because I hate making shopping lists and menu plans but this book had it all laid out for me. My youngest son and I have just managed the first week but I have to express how very disappointed I am in the book. Firstly, the ingredients in the shopping list don’t match the actual ingredients needed in the recipes, so I had too much of a lot of things. Secondly, some of the portions are over the top and excessively large. On one of the prep days it asked me to cook 200g of brown rice but it made sooooo much rice there was no way we would get through it. Thirdly, the meals are just not that great. Either tasteless or not tasting great. I can’t believe the kale salad recipe doesn’t request you rub anything into the kale to break it down first. Lastly, the prep is a nightmare. If the food tasted good, it may be worth it but a lot of the meals are just boring, dry or a bit rank. This is not a good book to endorse Veganism. I know there are plenty of delicious plant-based meals out there.

I have joined the gym for over a week and have been really embracing almost daily activity. The diet has also proved very awkward to follow now I’m busy with the gym. I’m spending way to much time faffing in the kitchen and making a big mess for quite nasty meals. Today was the first day I felt all my habits were getting on top of me. I never quite got all the housework done at the weekend, I still had 3 more chairs to build for my dining set and then there is all the pressure to prep lunches, meals and breakfasts.

It’s really important I feel back in control of my habits so tomorrow I am prioritising finishing the weekend chores, bringing the house back in order and completing all my habits, especially my evening beauty regimen which keeps being abandoned due to time restraints.

After that, I’ll enforce a new diet plan. I want to create my own personal 12-week plan, based on the things we like and the recipes I know are easy. I should also mention that after a week of gym and a vegan diet I gained 1lb. I just couldn’t believe it. It may be I have to count calories to lose this stubborn weight.

I want to print out a 12-week food diary and fill it with all the meals we know and love. Making meals regular just like my habits. I want to return to my recipe flashcards too. Write out my favourite recipes on them a long with the needed ingredients.


3 thoughts on “Day 105- REVIEW: Menu Plan

  1. Hello again!
    First of all, I am so happy to hear that you’re making such a big effort to make healthy changes to your life. No matter what always be proud of that.
    From this post I got the idea that you were a bit overwhelmed by following the new diet. I don’t have kids and when I exercise daily and cook for myself on daily basis it can get a bit tiring and sometimes I avoid doing one or the other. I would really like you to start small. I don’t really follow any diet books or anything but what helps is starting with one meal at a time. Oatmeal or smoothies work best for me.

    And then eventually you can move on to other meals. Also, you said that you want to create your own personal diet meal plan which I think is great. I use a lot of recipes of my own and just substitute the meat or the things I want to avoid with a plant based/vegan substitute.

    I really hope this was helpful. And good luck with everything!


    1. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. I’m prone to depression, anxiety, procrastination and negative thoughts. Changing my habits is really helpful in improving my mental attitude and joy of life. My hardest battle has always been and still is, changing the way I eat. I go through phases of positive change but always return to unhealthy food and lots of it. Diets work for me but are hard to maintain. I think creating my own diet plan may be helpful. I am sometimes conflicted because I have a son that’s wishes to bulk and he often doesn’t like what I like so dinner time can be fraught. Anyway, I think now I would like to come up with my own plan of tried and trusted recipes rather than follow someone else’s. Just as important for my success, is good organisation and efficiency. As witnessed last week, complicated prep, mess and unrewarding results will sabotage me. I have a plan now and will blog about it tomorrow. The food aspect of my life could easily have a blog of it’s own!

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