Day 107- NEW HABITS: Menu Plan 2

NEW HABIT: Create a 12 week menu plan & recipe flashcards. 

Two days ago I wrote about my frustrations with my menu plan or lack there of and the disappointment in those I’ve tried. I have had 48 hours to think about what it is I need to successfully overcome all my disorganisation and confusion about what to eat, to be healthy and lose weight.

This is my plan broken down into manageable tasks:

  1. Use up or throw out unwanted food
  2. Clean and organise kitchen cupboards
  3. Create a 12 week meal plan with recipes that are mostly healthy, enjoyable and easy to prepare using my favourite food diary
  4. Create recipe cards so creating shopping lists is easy
  5. Have a list of staple foods used regularly and keep replenished
  6. Follow the 12 week menu plan and at the second cycle, improve the recipes or meals if I am not losing weight or they are too challenging to execute

I am taking this approach because my world of food is just the same as all the other areas of my life I’m trying to improve. It just takes the creation of good habits to sustain success.

“I will use up or throw away unwanted food. I will clean and organise the kitchen. I will create a 12 week meal plan. For each recipe I will create a flashcard with the ingredients.  I will use these to quickly write my shopping list”




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