Day 108- NEW HABIT: Flexibility

NEW HABIT: Go to 5 yoga & pilates classes every week at the gym

I joined the gym two weeks ago and have done something there nearly everyday. They have classes there too so I have been trying out different ones to see what I like and can fit in. I’ve tried yoga, pilates, stretch & tone, Buti yoga and spinning. I particularly like the yoga and pilates so I want to make them my first gym habits I’ll commit to. There is 2 yoga and 2 pilates classes and a Buti yoga session. If I attend them all, it means I’m doing yoga & pilates 5 days a week. I swear this week I have done 50 or more downward facing dogs.


When I have fantasised about having exercise in my life, I’ve always imagined a balance or cardio, strength building and flexibility. The 5 classes I now attend tick the flexibility box very nicely. My yoga efforts now have been the worse I’ve ever seen them because I’m older and haven’t done it for a long time but I can already feel my balance and flexibility is improving in two weeks. With 5 classes a week, I could get really good which I’ve never achieved before.

Buti yoga is a more energetic yoga, almost like dance moves. Pilates is very much focused on engaging weak muscles. Yoga is about holding and perfecting different positions.

I like these classes so much and believe I can become accomplished. I’m already fantasising about buying nice outfits for these classes but I have to lose weight before I spend money on new clothes.

I plan to blog about my cardio and strength training habits soon. They will compliment the flexibility habits when I’ve decided what they will be.

“I will attend all 5 yoga & pilates classes every week at the gym whenever possible”



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