Day 110- NEW HABIT: The Menstrual Cup

Warning! Explicit description of menstrual woes

NEW HABIT: Use a menstrual cup instead of tampons

I must say, it is very, very late in the day for me to introduce this habit. I’m 46 and I think I’m already in the peri-menopausal stage. I get hot flashes and the gaps between my periods are increasing. Never mind though, one less tampon in landfill or the water system can only be a good thing.

I bought my first Mooncup about a year ago. At first, I struggled with it. Inserting it was surprisingly easy and I was happy with that part but I found it often leaked. I certainly improved the situation for myself when I stopped pulling it out and letting the contents out down the toilet at the same time. That was messy! Now I carefully remove it and empty the contents down the sink. I’m not really sure why it leaks. Sometimes it leaks and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s also really awkward when the sink isn’t in the same room as the toilet, like in public places. If I need to wash it out, I need to be very discrete. My friend suggested bringing a water bottle in with me but why does it have to be so awkward as having to do that?


Anyhow, I think I have very few periods left in me so I may as well make the ethical choice that I can. I have tampons and pads from the True Food Cooperative as an easy option if really necessary


“I will use my menstrual cup instead of tampons”

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