Day 112- NEW HABIT: Face Mask

NEW HABIT: Use a face mask on Sunday bath nights

Sundays have become designated bath nights. It’s my opportunity to exfoliate and shave and scrub my feet and anything else that 5 minutes in the shower doesn’t allow. It’s also a great opportunity to chill, relax and meditate. The first week I just soaked for 30 minutes. The second week I washed my face and exfoliated before my soak. Tomorrow will be my third week of having a Sunday night bath and I will then follow my exfoliation with a face mask.

I have tried many, many face masks and most of them either sting, burn or dry my skin out. However, I have discovered two that I really get on well with and one of them is my all time favourite. They happen to both be by Origins.

My favourite is Out Of Trouble. It is white cream and is incredibly soothing on red, inflamed, spotty skin. I love the smell, it reminds me of a 1970s fist aid box. When I have really bad red spots, it not only soothes but I find it brings the spot to the surface quicker.


I also like Clear Improvement. It is not as good as Out Of Trouble but it is better suited to the T-Zone. That’s the areas like the nose, chin and forehead. I like to use both masks at the same time in different zones to get the best results.


Like my Liz Earle products these items are to be financed by my PayPal profits from eBay. I think I have a little Clear Improvement left so soon I will have to buy new face masks.

“On Sunday bath nights I will use a face mask after exfoliation”

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