Day 118- Staying and Straying on the Path to Perfection

I have just come back from 4 nights in Amsterdam. I had a really nice time but being away from home can be a real challenge to the habits we create. Little routine, a different environment and temptations galore can really throw one off the path they wish to take. I’ve learned from this trip that whatever I do in life, wherever I go, I need to plan it, to get the best out of it and to not veer from the path. I’m creating my reality for day to day stuff but I need to create it for every part of my life, not just the routine and mundane.

Cleverly, I took a day off work today. I think it is always helpful to give oneself a day in-between a holiday and work, to take stock and prepare to follow a routine again.

To help me steer back onto the Path to Perfection I will be going to yoga tonight and grocery shopping. I need to wash my uniform and unpack. I will plan for tomorrow and have an early night. Tomorrow, I will check each of my habits and make sure I’m doing them properly and in the right order.

Long term, it’s time for me to create my menu plan so I can start losing weight. I also need to start running my 5k to see if I can improve on my 56 minute walk which is now my base start. I need to go to all my yoga and pilates classes this week and start going to gym in the morning again.

Today I am going to the chiropodist for the first time to find out if I have a nail infection. I haven’t addressed it for about 4 years but now I want pedicures and pretty feet so it’s time. I will let you know tonight how I get on with that.


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