Day 119- NEW HABIT: The Chiropodist

NEW HABIT: Visit the chiropodist

About 4 years ago I started to experience a painful toenail, especially after a couple of hours of walking. On inspection I noticed a thickening of skin in the nail bed which prevented the nail from growing in the normal fashion. I researched the problem online and considered it could be an ingrown toenail or a fungal infection. I tried lotions and potions for fungal infections but the problem never went away. Then I noticed my big toenails turning yellow which is when I started to really believe I had a problem. Anyway, about 4 years later, and years of hiding my feet away, I finally decided to visit a chiropodist to establish what the problem might be. I’ve previously blogged how much I would like to have pedicures on my spa days but didn’t feel I could until I knew what I was dealing with.

I called up a practice I found online after someone recommended them to me. The consultation was £50 and the letter stated that it included filing, clipping etc…

I went to the appointment today and I was there for an hour. The consultant confirmed that she did not believe it was down to a fungal infection. She said that the way I use my left foot has caused the toes to turn to the side and my problem toe is so twisted the nail is forced to grow wrongly. She said the big toes are probably yellow due to thickening from dehydration. Good news is I can confidently go for pedicures and if I condition and file my toe nails I can make them look and feel better. She clipped them and filed them and conditioned them. My bath nights will eventually allow me to give my feet some attention during and after. She recommended a foot cream like Flexitol for the conditioning.

So after 4 years of discomfort and procrastinating, I finally got my feet looked at. Now I can have pedicures and make my feet pretty again.

“I will visit the chiropodist. I will follow her advice to keep my feet in good shape. I will visit again if they start to look bad again”





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